Services & recommendations


  • A cloakroom & luggage storage area is available free of charge.
  • Accessibility: the ground floor of the Museum is accessible for mobility scooters. Access to the first floor is via a platform. There is no lift.
  • Book & souvenir shop: open throughout the museum opening hours.
  • Library & research area: on the second floor. Access is free but is by appointment only. The area is open throughout the museum opening hours.


The objects on show are part of our common heritage. To help conserve them, please observe the following rules:

  • The works of art are fragile and easily damaged, so please do not touch them.
  • Photographs (with no flash) and videos may be taken in the museum.
  • So as not to bother other people, please keep your mobile phone in silent mode.
  • For your convenience the museum has a cloakroom where umbrellas, rucksacks and packages may be left. For security reasons packages and objects measuring more than 40 x 40 cm may not be brought into the Museum.
  • Children are welcome to enter the Museum, but please keep them close to you and under control.
  • You may not smoke, eat or drink in the halls of the Museum.
    Animals may not be brought into the building.