Zumalakarregi Museoa fatxada

The Zumalakarregi Museum is a public amenity run by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, whose remit is to show specialists and the general public alike what life was like in the Basque Country in the 19th century, a time of great social, cultural, economic and political changes that marked the beginning of the contemporary world. It seeks not only to conserve, investigate and extend the collections and contents on show, but also to take visitors on a dynamic journey through a period that holds the key to understanding society today and to encourage the use of non-conventional educational resources.

Iriarte-Erdikoa, the building that now houses the Zumalakarregi Museum, is a typical 17th century Basque farmhouse. It was the home of the Zumalacárregui family, whose most distinguished members were the brothers Tomás, a Carlist general, and Miguel, a Liberal politician.

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About us

  • Mikel Alberdi Sagardia. Head of the Archives & Documentation Centre
  • Haizea Samaniego Fernandez. Head of the Education and Communication Service
  • Lurdes Azpiazu Aizpiolea. Coordinator
  • Ainhoa Sorron Ibarra. Weekend assistant

To contact us please use the contact form or phone us on +34 943 889 900.

Services provided

Documentation & research service

Specific information and documentation on the 19th century

  • Publications
  • Assistance for researchers
  • Requests for documentary information
  • Digitising of images
  • Reproductions of documents
  • Specialist queries

Temporary exhibitions

  • Guided tours
  • Publications
  • Website

Education service

  • Guided tours
  • Thematic itineraries
  • Play and educational areas
  • Specific participative workshops
  • Games for entertainment

Publicity and promotion service

Cooperation with other institutions and agents