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This section contains a sample of the digital products created by the Zumalakarregi Museum in the last few years

 1823_San_Luisen_Ehun_Mila_Semeak01The Hundred Thousand Sons of St. Louis. 1823.

Historical story. Picture of the French invaders. The story of the Hundred Thousand Sons of St. Louis is now heroic: they are not teased or ridiculed. It is told through numerous illustrations and printed testimonies by artists who accompanied the Duke of Angouleme on the expedition: Vixtor Adam, L.F. Couché, Desplans, Salneuve, Le camus, I.J.S. Taylor and Clerjon de Champagny.



The war in Africa (1859-1860)

Carlists and Liberals fought side by side, even though they had previously and would again combat each other in civil wars.
The Basque provincial councils formed corps known as the Tercios Forales, and sent a total of 3000 volunteers to fight against the “Moors”.

album Album of the 19th Century 

A cultural website containing around 4000 Basque-themed illustrations.




ZM artxibo digitala 02Military history of the 19th century in the Basque Country. 

A look at the events of the First Carlist War in three thematic blocks: one on the military corps involved, one on the main battles and the third featuring biographies of the protagonists.


EmakumeakPicture gallery: "Basque women portrayed by the illustrators of the 19th century "

A look at Basque women as depicted by the illustrators of the time, in the following sections: “How travellers saw them”, “Working”, “In wars and conflicts”, “At the market”, “Women who chose the path of the church”, “At festivities”, “Mixing tradition and novelty” and “From a female perspective”. Accompanied by texts from the period.


Basque SkechesOn-line exhibition "Basque Sketches: British military illustrators in the First Carlist War ".

Several British soldiers bore witness to their experiences in the form of water-colours and prints illustrating their experiences in the war and the landscapes and day-to-day life that they saw around them.


ZM artxibo digitala 03 Wilhelm  von Humboldt (1767-1835).

1801. Viaje al País de los vascos [“Journey to the
Country of the Basques”]. An account of the travels of
Wilhelm von Humboldt in 1801



ZM artxibo digitalaLook... See... DISCOVER. Inspiration or plagiarism in
19th century illustrations.

This project strives to show how engravers copied one another’s work, and to point out other curiosities of 19th century engraving.


ZM arxtibo digitala 05People of the 19th century.

Biographies of “minor” characters from history such as bandits, guerrillas, corsairs, poets and popular characters from our area.

ZM artxibo digitala 06 The 19th century decade by decade.

Political & social events, major discoveries and cultural landmarks of the century



ZM artxibo digitala 07 19th century caricatures.

A look at the humour of a bygone age is another way of learning to appreciate the events, customs and characters of the time.

Digitised publications

· Gaceta oficial [“Official Journal”] (1835-1837)
· "Jaquin-bide Iritarautia" (1820)


· "Manuel Arano y su perro Pintto" [“Manuel Arano and his Dog Pintto”]. Iñaki García de
Vicuña Olaizola (NEW)
· La expedición francesa a España de 1823 [“The French Expedition to Spain of 1823”]. André Lebourleux.
· L’intervention francaise en Espagne en 1823 deuxieme partie [“The French Expedition to Spain of 1823: Part 2”] André Lebourleux.
· Josep Lluís Pellicer (1842-1901), Corresponsal de guerra, antecessor del repòrters gràfics actual [“Josep Lluis Pellicer (1842-1901): War Correspondent & Forerunner of Today’s Photo.-journalists”] Jordi Artigas i Candela
· Crónicas médicas de la primera gerra carlista
(1833-1840) [“Medical Tales of the 1st Carlist War (1833-1840)”] Javier Álvarez Caperoichipi
· El problema dels furs en la historiografía euskaldun sobre el primer carlisme [“The Problem  of the Fueros in Basque Historical Studies on the 1st Carlist War”] Mikel Alberdi Sagardia (ZM)· Norteko ferrokarrila, "Burdinezgo sugea". Alaitz
Imaz Arrondo
· Zumalakarregiren gotorlekua. Mikel Alberdi
Sagardia (ZM)