Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition has seven thematic sections.

The various sections of the exhibition provide an overview of the 19th century, biographies of the brothers Tomás and Miguel-Antonio Zumalacárregui (the one a Carlist officer and the other a liberal politician), a look at the difficult, violent transition from Ancien Régime to liberalism, the French Revolution and the reasons for and consequences of the Carlist Wars.

A wide variety of exhibits are on show to help visitors learn about the period, ranging from interactive modules and audiovisual presentations to original objects and illustrations with explanations. Special mention must be given to the interactive module “Military History of the Basque Country in the 19th Century” [“Historia militar del Pais Vasco en el siglo XIX"].

TZ objetuen bitrina 

Objects that belonged to Tomás Zumalacárregui


ZM erakusketa iraunkorra

Permanent exhibition

ZM Historia militarra

Interactive module: “Military History of the Basque Country in the 19th Century”